Measuring Ground Displacement Oil and Gas Subsidence and Uplift

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EET9 course

Satellite InSAR Data:
Reservoir Monitoring from Space

organized by the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineering (EAGE)

TRE on Training

InSAR Services


Regular updates of ground movement in near real-time.

InSAR Services - Monitoring

Historical Analysis

Archived SAR satellite data is processed to measure retrospective ground movement.

InSAR Services - Historical Analysis

Available for sale Ferretti’s book “Satellite InSAR Data: Reservoir Monitoring from Space”


It is now available for sale the book “Satellite InSAR Data: Reservoir Monitoring from Space”, written by our CEO Alessandro

Fabio Rocca has received the Chinese Government international sci-tech cooperation awards 2014


BEIJING – Fabio Rocca, along with seven other foreign scientists, was honored by the Chinese Government as part of the

(ITA) A Superquark, innovazione e start-up per un servizio al Politecnico di Milano, dove si parla anche di TRE


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expomine 2014


Santiago, Chile

21 April - 25 April 2014

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SMRI Spring Technical Conference

San Antonio, TX, United States

04 May - 07 May 2014

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EAGE Workshop on Geomechanics in the Oil & Gas Industry
Enhancing the Value of your Field

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

11 May - 14 May 2014